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    Important on IPTV Server-1:
Server-1 Client Area
Last days we had hard dddos and hack atacks to client area! Sorry, now its not active! Will be back soon!

Now active users on IPTV-Server-1 can arrange all settings from dashboard! Please check settings-page to get link to dashboard!

All problems with xtream panel on server-1 solved!

    Important on IPTV Server-3:

Just some days and NEW server will start! 17000+ channels with discount price!

2019-09-19 IPTV SERVER-3
We are upgrading all our servers and thus, users will experience buffers until November. To compensate for this, we will add 1 month of our subscriptions to all our current users. Sorry for the inconveniences that Tv-Share has caused you.

2019-09-19 IMPORTANT!!!
Attention Please!!!
Dear All Users! Please be aware there is a problem with all IPTV providers and we are also facing the same problem as we are all using once script for controlling the service, and the company who provided this script Xtream is sized by Europe Police.
So until we find a solution to get back in normal operation we need your patient.
STAY SAFE! Thanks Best regards Head of Team
More info about this problem:

VIP ALL IPTV (Server-2)

IPTV       VIP ALL IPTV (Server-2)
    VIP ALL IPTV (Server-2)
on Enigma2, any Windows Player, Android, Smart TV, m3u

NEW from 2020, Oct,25!!!

Best choice for: SPORT, Russia, Israel, Adults, beIN!

about 5000 channels

Check All Channels-List on IPTV Server-2!

IPTV Server-2
Arabic> Armenia> Baltic-Scandinav> Belarus> Czech> France> Germany> Hungary> India> Israel> Italy> Music> New-Tests> Orig> Other> Poland> Romania> Russia> Russia 4K> Russia Cinema> Russia Documental> Russia Federal> Russia Fun> Russia History SciFy> Russia Horror> Russia Kids> Russia News> Russia Regional> Russia Serials> Spain> Sport> Sweden> Turkey> Ukraine> US-UK-CA-AU> USA-Spectrum> XXX>
You will get settings for devices: 
M3U, M3U8, OpenBox Internet TV+, Samsung TV, Enigma Playlist 

Watch Russian channels on LG TV:
  • Запускаем MSX
  • При появлении логотипа MSX нажимаем   на пульте
  • Появится меню MSX, нажимаем на Settings, откроется страница настроек
  • Смотрим на параметр Validate links, если он Yes, ставим его No
    Иначе при каждом запуске плеера MSX будет требовать подтверждения открытия ссылки
  • Далее, нажимаем на самую первую плитку Start Parameter
  • В появившемся окне нажимаем кнопку Setup
  • Вводим адрес портала и жмем на 
     не ставим
  • Появится окно подтверждения, подтверждаем, Yes
  • Приложение перезапустится и должен загрузиться MSXPlayer
  • В нем нажимаем на +
  • В появившемся окне выбираем Плейлист MSX
  • Вводим адрес портала и жмем на 
  • В списке должен появиться новый элемент, это и есть OTT-play FOSS

скачать dle 11.3

    Active -Packages on Server-2:

Prices on Server-2:

10.00,-€/2months, 15.00,-€/3months, 20.00,-€/4months, 25.00,-€/5months, 30.00,-€/6months

Notes Server-1:
Just remember one device same time connection allowed!

     Place Ordering for VIP_IPTV_S2 on Server-2! 

Editor Master - 1-06-2024, 08:14
Reason: Active from October,25, 2020
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pao121976 (offline)

  • 26 October 2020 18:43
  • Registration: 3.02.2020
  • Comments: 1
  • {rate}
i made an order on iptv server 2 ist seems to be activeted but it does not work on my iptv application i get this message:failed to load channels server connction error pleas use valid m3u or xspf playlist what i make wrong i made on order for m3ulist for my android tv

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Master (offline)

  • 3 November 2020 12:32
  • Registration: 19.10.2019
  • Comments: 29
  • {rate}
was fixed atonce! You used wrong playlist-link.

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